Audition CDs with Audacity and iTunes

Here’s the screencast I did for this week’s assignment. I used two different tech tools for one outcome – an audition CD. Audition CDs are typically required as a screening round for graduate programs or as application materials to summer festivals. This is how I have made all of my audition CDs, except there’s usually much more swearing and many more hours involved in the actual production.

You can watch it here.

P.S. Anyone using WordPress who has figured out how to add screencast content to their webpage, please let me know.

One thought on “Audition CDs with Audacity and iTunes

  1. linguomancer says:

    Awesome screencast! I liked how you chose to focus it around a specific need (making audition CDs). I also thought it was cool that you made a connection to Word when mentioning the save as option in Audacity. I think it’s always a good idea to point out patterns and similarities between programs when teaching people technology.

    I haven’t tried with mine yet, but I have a suspicion you might need to upgrade to put video on your blog with WordPress. I know I ran into that issue trying to add audio when we did the interviews.

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