Monthly Archives: May 2012


I’ve been toying for a while about what to do about this blog. I’m still working it out, but I think that I will probably keep writing. For one thing, I like to write. For another, I have things to say. Sometimes I think they’re pretty important. And lastly, I have a sense that somehow documenting my transition between being a perennial student and a professional is going to be meaningful to me personally. Maybe all those reflective exercises we’ve done in class have rubbed off? Scary thought.

So, here I sit, firmly between student and professional, for another few weeks.

Recently, I noticed that I’ve been really grumpy. Why the crankypants? I asked myself. You graduated. You have a job waiting for you. Life is good and adventure awaits. Turns out, what I was feeling was burn out. I’m burned out from a long, challenging year of thinking and talking, making and presenting. And feeling burn out before embarking on my professional life is pretty scary and, frankly, upsetting.

I am excited about my job and about becoming a librarian in reality. But I realized that if I didn’t hear about the latest libraryland scandal, I’d be fine with that. I just didn’t want to hear about it for a few weeks. The challenge is ignoring it.

My main avenue for libraryland news is my Google Reader, which is attached to my personal email account. My account also includes feeds for things that I like to read for fun, for relaxation, and for escape. Having all that in one place was stressing me out. I’d sit down to chill out with my Reader, and I couldn’t because right next to the deliciousness were articles about libraryland. I couldn’t get away.

It may seem a little redundant, but I’ve decided to move all my professional-type feeds into a separate feedreader. I’ve chosen Netvibes. This way my work and non-work life are completely silo-ed. I can sit at home and chill with my Reader without any libraryland freak outs encroaching on my chill-time. And when I’m at work, I can read through my Netvibes without “unprofessional” content creeping in. Or I can ignore it if I want and catch up when I have the mental space to deal with it. This arrangement has the added benefit of also allowing me to keep my personal email account separate from work if I want.

Netvibes was easy to set up and it has a cool interface that I’m just getting the chance to explore. It’s easy to export feeds from Reader and import into Netvibes:

  1. Create a folder with the feeds you want in it in Reader.
  2. Highlight the folder and choose the little arrow on the right hand side. This will open a menu.
  3. From the menu, choose “Create bundle.”
  4. Name the bundle and save it. Now you can variously share the bundle if you want. You can also unsubscribe from these feeds in your main Reader screen. The bundle will be saved so if you ever want to resubscribe, you can. For instance, once I got my job, I immediately created a bundle and unsubscribed from all the job ads I had in my Reader. The bundle is there to share with people or resubscribe in the future but I don’t have to deal with all those ads on a daily basis.
  5. To import, right click on the link next to the bundle that says “OPML file” and choose “save as.” Save wherever you can find it again, as you’ll be importing through a standard “browse for file” interface in Netvibes (or wherever else you might have a feedreader.)
  6. In Netvibes, you just click on “Add Subscription” in the upper left. It gives you the option to manually add feeds, but right below the text box is the option to import/export OPML files.
  7. Browse for the file and import.
  8. The end!

So far, this is working for me. What works for you?