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It’s that time of year again: Spring time coincides with the end of the semester and Capstone and suddenly people start getting squirrelly – and not just the students. Exhibit A: A masterfully placed paper airplane lodged nose first, high in the beams of the library. I don’t actually know how we’re going to get it down, but it makes me laugh so it can stay a while.

I enjoy a large gluteus


Exhibit B: A post-it note poem taped next to the computer at the front of the library, no doubt placed there by workstudy students, entitled “I enjoy a large gluteus maximus and I cannot tell a falsehood.”

Two weeks left in the semester and counting…

Library snapshots


It’s quietly busy tonight in the library. The last few days have been packed for me. Luckily, I’m taking off (most) of the next few days. Monday and Tuesday the weather here was a special treat: Sideways snow for everyone! Today it’s been clear and sunny but the wind is still enough to nearly blow the contacts right out of your eyes.


This is the view from the second floor of the library. The library is built into a hill and nearly all windows face this view. You can see St. Regis Mountain in the distance and Lower St. Regis Lake in the foreground. I’m very ready for the weather to cooperate enough so I can do the relatively easy hike up the mountain in preparation for much tougher hikes to come this summer.


This is a poster I designed to publicize an author coming to speak in the library on Tuesday. It’s not my very best design work, but it gets the job done, and I had fun playing around with fonts. Nevis and Junction make very nice poster fonts – all of the text on the poster is one or the other. I discovered a way to get around one of the limitations of free fonts, which sometimes don’t come with italics options. InDesign allows you to change the slant of text, so you don’t need italics!


The author has written a book on building sustainable food systems. This topic is of interest in one way or another to nearly all our students. In the interest of sustainability, I decided to forgo my usual pattern of writing down call numbers on post-it notes for writing down call numbers on my hand this evening. I feel like I’m in middle school again, only this time it’s not homework.

Notice, I am wearing a summer dress. I am going to will this spring into being even if I have to wear leggings and boots under my coral and white striped dress.