It’s that time of year again: Spring time coincides with the end of the semester and Capstone and suddenly people start getting squirrelly – and not just the students. Exhibit A: A masterfully placed paper airplane lodged nose first, high in the beams of the library. I don’t actually know how we’re going to get it down, but it makes me laugh so it can stay a while.

I enjoy a large gluteus


Exhibit B: A post-it note poem taped next to the computer at the front of the library, no doubt placed there by workstudy students, entitled “I enjoy a large gluteus maximus and I cannot tell a falsehood.”

Two weeks left in the semester and counting…

2 thoughts on “Hilarity

  1. Maybe I’ve reached that point too, but I laughed for a good two minutes at that poem. Something about old time language and rap songs.

  2. […] and it made me laugh. Gosh, I love our students. I mentioned to a student today that I noticed the paper airplane had disappeared. “No problem,” he said, “Just give me a minute and I’ll get […]

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