Hi there.

I’m Meggan.

I’m a librarian with a musician’s heart. I am the Undergraduate Education Librarian at Indiana University-Bloomington where I work with students, faculty, and librarians to integrate information literacy outcomes into courses and curricula. I’m passionate about opening doors for my community by encouraging curiosity, exploration, and reflection. On this site you can read some things that I write, get the plain old black-and-white facts, or ask me a question by emailing meggan[dot]press[at]gmail[dot]com.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Tracy Hall says:

    Hello Meggan,

    I saw your blog and your post about Library Design Share and was a bit more curious about the tools you used to create your flyers. I believe you mentioned you used InDesign? Is that correct? Is InDesign part of the Adobe Suite? or is it something separate?

    • Meggan says:

      Yes, I use InDesign almost exclusively, although I have dabbled in doing posters in Microsoft Publisher and Powerpoint. InDesign is a part of the Adobe Creative Suite, now Adobe Creative Cloud. It seems you can get monthly plans with Adobe Creative Cloud for one or more application. I happen to have an old desktop version. You don’t need InDesign, but it does help me live out my control freak tendencies when it comes to color and font. You can still download and install fonts without using InDesign. Try dafont.com and 1001fonts.com. I hope that helps!

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