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Hello and welcome! My name is Meggan, and I am Public Services Librarian at Paul Smith’s College. As a librarian in a small library, my job description encompasses duties that would be fulfilled by entire departments in a larger organization. Put the word “librarian” after any of the following descriptors, and you get a sense of what I do on a daily basis: reference, instruction, instructional design, assessment, circulation, outreach, and social media.

I finished my Masters degree at the University of Michigan School of Information specializing in Library and Information Science in 2012. Prior to graduate school, I was a freelancing musician and teacher. As a result, my interests in librarianship are centered on academic libraries with an emphasis on multimedia resources and information literacy. I am interested in discovering creative ways to utilize existing resources more effectively and in exploring ways emerging technologies can help to create user-centered services in a changing information environment.

As a musician, I believe strongly in the importance of supporting cultural expression. I believe that by teaching students how to find and navigate resources, librarians provide a valuable service that allows society to develop and grow. I am especially interested in the intersection of culture and learning, and I would like to continue to work with this connection by finding and creating new ways to reach out to communities and provide resources that support the expression and analysis of the human experience.

Browsing around this site you will find examples of my work that do not fit neatly into a CV. Otherwise, you can download my CV here or view my profile on LinkedIn. Feel free to contact me with questions at meggan[dot]frost[at]gmail[dot]com.

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