Touchscreen in the PSC Library: Results, October 30, 2013. A co-presentation to report on the results of a grant funded by the Northern New York Library Network. The touchscreen was installed in January 2013. We reported using heatmaps to illustrate usage.

SCVNGR for Information Literacy, May 3-5, 2012. Poster session presented at LOEX focusing on the use of the mobile game SCVNGR as a tool for teaching and learning information literacy. The poster can be seen here.

Teacher Resource Guides 2.0: Guided Learning in the Digital Age, March 22-23, 2012. Poster session presented at the American Orchestra Summit II. The poster showcased the newly redesigned teacher resource guides produced by the University Musical Society with a focus on the student-directed online learning module.

SCVNGR for Information Literacy, March 17, 2012. Workshop presented at the Michigan Association for Media in Education (MAME) as professional development for school media specialists. The workshop focused on the using the location-based mobile game SCVNGR for use in an educational setting.

SCVNGR for Information Literacy, January 21, 2012. Case study and workshop presented at Quasi-Con sponsored by the University of Michigan student chapter of the American Library Association. The presentation was broken into two parts: Gaming Information Literacy and The Workshop. The first part focused on a case study of a prototype game developed on the location-based mobile application SCVNGR for use as an online learning module for information literacy. The second part was a workshop on creating games on the SCNVGR platform.

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